• As we get ready to invite 400+ people to call Great Hall home today, I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for all the hard work to get it ready for us. The building looks great and I know the staff are going to love it.

    The process for this building, at least from my standpoint, was smoother than any building I’ve been a part of out here. Minus the feature stair area which we know is still waiting on a design, the rest of the building feels completely done and ready to go. Again, more than any other move-in I’ve done. endQuote3

Tod Sloan
Executive Project Manager & Corporate Administrator, Epic Systems Corporation

  • I had the opportunity to just walk the Lucky project site last week for the first time in several months. I can’t say enough about the ‘WOW’ factor I felt as I walked through the apartments. Not only do these apartments have the feel of a very high finish level but this came with the realization that we all had to work within a budget to make this project work. This project really shows the impact that good interior design can have. I am also extremely happy with how well our teams have been working together. From my observation, they have all really been having a lot of fun on this project. Please pass on my compliments to your staff on a job well done. This project has really set the bar high. endQuote3
Dave Beck-Engel
Executive Vice President, J.H. Findorff & Son

  • Laurel Brown and her team are magnificent and truly a joy to work with. They marry the architectural side with the design side flawlessly while focusing on each detail; this was important as I wanted our rustic theme to be captured in each element. The team works within your budget and finds fantastic alternatives. They have a keen eye for where to spend more dollars and where to cut back and still maintain the overall effect. Laurel is a design genius and a class act! If you’re looking for talent, professionalism, integrity and authentic design, Brownhouse is the zenith. endQuote3
Renee Brantner
Owner, Ruffin’ It Resort

  • Brownhouse was recommended to me by a colleague, and we hit it off immediately. Everyone in the group is a competent professional in his or her area. The entire process was a pleasure. Brownhouse had great ideas, but they listened to my ideas as well; they were never upset or offended when I offered my own suggestions. I am a very busy person, so I appreciated the fact that I could be as involved or uninvolved as I liked in various aspects of the project. I have worked with architects in the past and had frustrating experiences, but I will definitely work with Brownhouse again in the future! endQuote3
Yvette Frasier
Owner, Cameo Day Spa

  • We approached Brownhouse to provide professional services for our apartment communities, which are predominantly serving recipients of Section 42 housing assistance, because we wanted to bring affordable high style to our properties. Brownhouse has consistently blown us away with their creative use of materials and ability to stretch our budgets without sacrificing any aesthetic details. Our residents are thrilled to be living in such stylish homes, and I am pleased that our budgets are met, and we maintain low turnover and increased profitability. endQuote3
Gary Gorman
President, Gorman & Company

  • We are at the conclusion of our home renovation and throughout the project, we have told our friends that our vision was to have a house that was both cozy and that could host corporate parties. Our friends have agreed that you ‘nailed it.” Thanks for making us so comfortable and so proud of our home. endQuote3
The Hart Residence

  • Working with Laurel Brown and the Brownhouse team has been great. I have appreciated the way that Laurel listened to me and my ideas, and even when my ideas were contradictory to what she originally proposed, she explored them as possibilities and used what would work. Laurel and her staff are extremely easy to work with, very professional and unbelievably creative. They had inroads to many, many good vendors and researched and found unusual details that will make my home truly a work of art. Brownhouse is a top-notch firm and can be trusted to provide exceptional results to any project. endQuote3
Ron Krantz
Partner, UW Provision Company
Owner, Marina Condominiums

  • My experience in working with Brownhouse has been described as a “breath of fresh air” within our organization. They are professional, personable, prompt, thorough and extraordinarily creative. No matter what the challenge, I am quite confident they will perform well beyond expectations. I highly recommend them. endQuote3
David Lenz
The North Central Group

  • Working with Brownhouse as the interior architect and designer of the Marina Condominiums has given me the ability to focus solely on my goals as the project developer. Brownhouse undertook an incredible amount of time and attention during the pre-planning phases of our project—time that has made the execution smoother and ultimately more cost-effective. The Brownhouse team has an excellent understanding of the marina’s target market and is equally capable of working with buyers for our standard finish package units as with the unique needs of the complete ‘white box’ home design buyers. With a project as big and a structure as complex as the Marina Condominiums, the task of maintaining the chain of communication between the condominium buyer, the developer and the field is monumental. Brownhouse has achieved a seamless method of communication, which eases my burden of minding the overwhelming amount of minutia and details, and makes the buyers happy because they receive what they want and what is promised to them. endQuote3
Joseph Llamas
Project Developer, Marina Condominiums

  • We are currently working with Brownhouse to construct the University Square Project. This is a very large, complex, multi-faceted project requiring coordination with several consultants and fast reliable communication. Brownhouse has consistently delivered on ALL levels, usually exceeding our expectations. Laurel Brown and her team are definitely the “it” firm in town. They combine sophisticated design sensibilities with practical solutions and do it with a great attitude. We look forward to working with them on many more future projects.  endQuote3
Jeff McLean
J.H. Findorff

  • We recently completed the last of 52 units in a high-rise condominium project in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Brownhouse was an integral part in the preconstruction, ongoing management and closeout of this project. There were numerous and varying designs and layouts that required close contact and integration between the developer, sales agents, contractor and its subcontractors, and home buyers. Along with providing a very high level of technical competence in architecture and design, the project demanded creativity in balancing the interests of these multiple parties. Brownhouse excelled in spearheading the effort, resulting in a successful project with thrilled occupants and owners.  endQuote3
Clayton Nelson
Project Manager, Stevens Construction Corp

  • I am delighted with our ongoing relationship with the Brownhouse team. During the initial phase of renovating our residential apartment homes in Meriter Heights, I was especially impressed with the ease and professionalism displayed by Brownhouse in working with our facilities management team and in integrating their design solutions with the realities of our building infrastructure. In addition to creating attractive floorplans and updated mechanicals, the apartment homes look fantastic and maximize all of the spaces and our budget parameters. Often, prospective residents quickly choose “the Brownhouse units” because of their sensational interior design. We view that as a true sign of a successful project. endQuote3
Chuck Possin
CEO, Meriter Retirement Services

  • We continually hear favorable remarks from people who are delighted with the look and feel of Cornblooms. We have enjoyed our first year in the new space and never tire of getting the compliments, although they rightfully should be directed to you. We love your creativity and appreciate your ability to deliver what we had hoped for—a functional, beautiful space. endQuote3
Jeanette Riechers
Owner, Cornblooms

  • Laurel Brown and the Brownhouse staff did an amazing job designing a unique 18,000 square foot, 9-vendor food court for our urban mixed-use project. The stunning, innovative design has proven to be a tremendous selling tool in the leasing activity for our food court. Brownhouse achieved our ambitious goals of making an inviting, pedestrian-friendly space and unparalleled dining experience within a second-floor retail location. I found the Brownhouse staff to be readily available to address my concerns, responsive to a wide array of competing issues, and creative and proactive in providing solutions that have provided a huge value-add to our project. I look forward to working with the firm again endQuote3
Adam Smith
Executive Management, Inc.
Developer, USquare

  • Residence halls for students are an entirely different breed, and we strive to be several levels above in what we offer our student tenants. Laurel Brown and the Brownhouse team got up-to-speed on what we wanted very quickly. They were able to provide us with a design that was not only striking, but highly durable. It was also well within our budget even though we had some furnishings designed and custom built. Laurel has tremendous taste and can adapt that taste to a number of styles. In fact, the results were so exceptional that we hit a record in retention rates of tenants following the remodeling. The students were completely impressed, and we feel the project will certainly pay for itself. endQuote3
Margaret Watson
Private Residence Halls

  • Laurel Brown made our dreams come true! After 33 years of business, we were ready to make good on our desire to expand our salon and create a physical environment that complimented our world-class staff and services. We were drawn to Brownhouse because we had heard that Laurel Brown and her staff had a highly professional business approach and positive reputation that matched our business philosophy. Her team exceeded our wildest expectation and has made the process of creating our new space very satisfying. Due to Brownhouse’s ongoing commitment to maintaining strong two-way communication, listening and focusing on our needs, desires and ideas, and having an excellent understanding of the salon/spa industry and its unique parameters, we successfully worked together to develop a space that is as functional as it is beautiful. endQuote3
Ruth and Allen Zacharias
Owners, RZ & Company